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giveaway by triple F

next GA aku nak join : giveaway by triple F yang di tag oleh zuriana.

nie bannernya , lau nak join juz klik banner ye:61:

peraturan nya :

:47: It is compulsory for all participants to follow my blog, as well as
Faja's and Farinah's blogs (:

:60:It is compulsory for all participants to like Fajaratul Husna's Official Blog and
The Sister's Project Facebook Pages

:89: A Malaysian

:90: Create one blog entry (a simple one will do) regarding this giveaway.
And don't forget to copy this (giveaway banner) and paste it in the entry too (:

:88: Put the link of your blog entries in the comment box
of any one of us.

:48:Tag two or more people to join this giveaway.
And they must be aware of it (:

:34: And it is compulsory for every participants to like sponsor's Facebook pages.
(links will be given below)

:36: We'll use random.org to choose our winners. There will be three
winners including one grand prize winner

:35: The winners will be announced on the 26/12/2011.All winners will be
notified via their own respective blogs

p/s : hadiah-hadiahnya sgt menarik.jom join ramai2 ye.:face69:

aku nak tag :

:64: joyah davey
:62: asmira

thanks sudi singgah..i wish u were here again (^_^)

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hai, komen la ckit SATU pon jadi lah !!
thanks comel :)::

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