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MUET,  what MUET?
*eh kau exam speaking bila? reading bila?
emm emm , boleh tak kau tak payah tanya, aku bila teringat pasal muet mesti aku nak...
aku nak...................................................
okey, next week i have the MUET examination. this make me nervous because i'm a person that not good in english either speaking , reading or writing.
but i always try my best to improve my english. (teringat lagu LY- ohMyEnglish)

the exam is on the thursday for the speaking but i haven't prepared anything.
although my friends always says : eh, it just speaking test so no need to prepare anything just calm while in the exam room

oh, so so easy for her not for me. i need some preparation for having the exam.

so, better stop here. i need practice for my MUET.
'' practice make perfect'' 
i'm right?

thanks sudi singgah..i wish u were here again (^_^)

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hai, komen la ckit SATU pon jadi lah !!
thanks comel :)::

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